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First Look At Dragon Quest Heroes At Tokyo Game Show

Do you like Dragons? Perhaps you like Quests? Well, then you’ve probably heard of Dragon Quest. Yes that other Square-Enix RPG. With the smiley blue blobs and DragonBall looking people, yeah that’s the one.

After years of slime battling and Roman numeral plated escapades, Dragon Quest is refusing to be outdone by the Legend Of Zelda family next door and is getting a Dynasty Warriors face-lift too.

Dragon Quest: Heroes comes to PS3 and PS4 next year to battle hordes of golems, drackys and a large Chewits monster looking dragon.

Check out the footage trailer and special edition PS4 at

Ace Attorney Trailer Brings Period Drama And Sherlock Holmes

After Eggheads and Going For Gold, Tokyo Game Show has to be my favourite game show going. We all seem to win prizes in the form of totally awesome new game announcements and TGS is throwing out good news like confetti like a jealous bridesmaid.

The previously announced Ace Attorney period drama prequel is one such game delivering key new details. As this TGS trailer reveals, the tale of Phoenix Wright’s ancestor Naruhodou Ryuunosuke (you can bet that name will likely change in localisation) looks intertwined with that of legendary Victorian detective; Sherlock Holmes.

Check out the full details at

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Teaser Is Full Of Secrets

Since the surprise announcement at Sony’s Pre-Tokyo Game Show conference,Resident Evil Revelations 2 has been gaining plenty of buzz.

The excitement around a returning Claire Redfield and the introduction of Barry Burton’s daughter Moira as a playable duo has now been bolstered by the ‘Revelation’ (sorry, had to) that the unveiling teaser may have had more clues than we thought. Let’s take a look see.

Check out the full trailer at

The Nintendo Costumes In Bayonetta 2 Are Pure Witch Magic


Bayonetta 2 will soon be upon us in a cacophony of frenzied swordplay and ankle mounted gun blasting.

The exciting news for fans is that Bayonetta seems to be continuing a trend to include the odd easter egg. The original saw our witchy wonder performing Sega (the game’s publisher) inspired moves such as an After Burner inspired kick and Akira Yuki’s signature Tetsuzanko move from Virtua Fighter. There was even After Burner and Space Harrier mixes on the soundtrack.

This time exclusively on Nintendo’s Wii U, Bayo looks to have gone cosplay crazy with a host of familiar looks from the world of the big N.

Check out the full trailer and details at


Destiny: 2014’s Most Viewed Game On Twitch So Far

Twitch has rapidly become synonymous with games. From Twitch Plays Pokemon toStreet Fighting Fish and the service’s portal showing up on console share functions. So what’s the most viewed game on twitch so far this year. And we’re talking other than P.T.? Well no surprises for guessing it’s Destiny, look it says so in the headline.

In its first week since launch, Destiny has garnered more viewership on Twitch than any other console game launch in 2014. I guess you could say it was the games’…Destiny ha ha ha.

Check out the full story at

Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Announced For Steam

Spike that hair, load up that oversized sword and saddle that Choccobo because theFinal Fantasy XIII Trilogy (or XIIIilogy, which I can only assume is unpronounceable to human touges) heads to Windows PC next month. The legend of lightning begins with the first in the series, Final Fantasy XIII, due October 9.

The game will be available to download via the Square Enix online store and Steam (amongst others), priced at £10.99/€12.99.

FFXIII is available to pre-order now via the Square Enix Store and Steam, with pre-orders gaining 10% off.

Check out the full story at

Review: Tap To Play (iOS)


Tap to Play is like a lined up row of shot glasses. Each shot delivers a quick dose of compulsive mobile gaming except however much downing Tap to Play’s shots numbs your mind, they were never a good idea to begin with.

Bland, uninspired and tedious mini games such as those found in Tap to Play are sadly reflective of the wider mobile market, and this game’s inclusion amongst those ranks helps continue the medium’s accepted descent down this gaudy soporific course.

Tap to Play is a Flappy Bird homage ‘worst of’ box ticking compilation.

You can check out the full review of Tap to Play at

Amiibo Pre-orders Are Amii-Go! Amigos


Nintendo’s rather snazzy ‘Near Field Communication figures slash game data storing memory card doo-dats’ are now available for pre-order.

Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Link, Fox, Samus, Wii Fit Trainer, Villager, Pikachu, Kirby and Marth from the Super Smash Bros. Collection are the first up for (pre-) grabs.


The amiibos will coast £10.99 each and be released sometime this Winter, with no set date as yet. 


I’d promise not to let that little Pikachu get dusty, but… IT. IS. INEVITABLE.

Check Out the full details at along with a few links to stores that have them up for order already.


Rising Star Games 10th Birthday Sale Is Awesome

Rising Star Games are making sure their 10th anniversary is a very Happy Birthday celebration for us game loving lot, by offering massive discounts across their range.

Covering games on Playstation and Nintendo systems, these utterly shocking price drops will have you painting the walls with spat out jelly and ice cream.

Amongst others, the sale puts KOF XIII at £3.60, which gives me an excuse to post some rad art from the special edition. So there.

Full the full list of all the games check out

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