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Run The Assassin’s Creed Experience at Comic-Con


Assassin’s Creed is taking us to France in 1779 for Assassin’s Creed: Les Misérables Edition (or Unity) , but before we Vive le France, the canny PR team at Ubisoft want fans to be able to experience the thrills and spills of assassin parkour for real!


That’s right, during San Diego Comic Con fans will be able to visit the very specialThe Assassin’s Creed Experience. A stand that blends Takeshi’s Castle with Ninja Warrior.

Check out the video and details at


Nintendo Reveal The Cat Mario Show A Kids Puppet Show

We all remember the Super Mario World cartoon from back in the day right? Ok maybe just us old farts (if you lived in the UK it was on Channel 4).

Anyway enough reminiscing, Mario is back in a new show for small children airing exclusively on Nintendo platforms. Find out more about the awful propaganda car crash (sorry but it really is pretty bad) that is The Cat Mario Show at

Mighty Adventure Takes on Steam Greenlight

Bucharest based mobile dev Pixel Trap were formed of top talent from EA, Gameloft and Ubisoft. Last week the team unleashed Mighty Adventure on to iOS, this week they’re seeking a Steam release via the Greenlight process. Meaning this lot just don’t hang about!

Mighty Adventure is a highly colourful platformer crossed with an auto-runner that promises quick thinking, Big Bosses and character swaps at the tap of a screen.

Check out all the details screens and news at

Skylanders Trap Team invades San Diego Comic-Con This Month

The innovative interactive toy game is set to make an impact on San Diego Comic-Con starting on July 24.

The annual comic, movie and games Geektopia will act as a platform for treatingSkylanders fans to a hands-on experience with Skylanders: Trap Team, the newest instalment to the Skylanders franchise.

Check out all the details, screens and video over at

Green Man Gaming Zombie Feastival On Now

Summer may be the time for music festivals, but that doesn’t mean gamers can’t enjoy a solid line-up of big names taking the main stage on their platforms.

UK based Digital retailer Green Man Gaming are getting into the swing of things with a sale across multiple titles. The thread that binds them? These are all Zombie games, so take extra care of your delicious brain and commence the ZOMBIE FEASTIVAL!

Check out the full details at

Alien: Isolation Re-Unites Original 1979 Movie Cast

Here’s one set to grab die-hard Alien fans like the most emotionally clingy face hugger.

Pre-order bonus content for Creative Assembly and Sega’s upcoming Alien: Isolation will feature the vocal talent and likenesses of key cast members of the 1979 Ridley Scott masterpiece, Alien.

Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe-winner Sigourney Weaver (Ellen Ripley), Tom Skerritt (Dallas), Veronica Cartwright (Lambert), Harry Dean Stanton (Brett), Yaphet Kotto (Parker) and Ian Holm (Ash, likeness and sound-alike) are set to feature in two downloadable bonus missions, which allow you to relive two classic scenes from the movie.

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Nintendo 3DS & 2DS Made For Play tour 2014 Heads To 5 UK Cities

This summer Nintendo is offering folks in the UK the chance to play some of the latest 3DS games at the first ever Nintendo 3DS & 2DS Made For Play tour 2014.

The Tour will be visiting 5 cities across the UK during July and August 2014, and promises to bring games to life for the whole family. Attendees will also be able to take part in a number of fun Nintendo themed activities such as climbing Bowser’s Castle and meeting Mario, Luigi and Pikachu.

The Nintendo 3DS & 2DS Made for Play tour will be visiting the following events across the summer:

· The Sunderland Air Show, Sunderland – 25th to 27th July 2014
· CarFest North, Oulton Park, Cheshire – 1st to 3rd August 2014
· Bristol Balloon Fiesta, Bristol – 7th to 10th August 2014
· Lollibop, Hatfield – 15th – 17th August 2014
· Bournemouth Air Festival, Bournemouth – 28th to 31st August 2014

Check out all the news and features on the tour at

Super Comboman Puches Out On Steam

Developed by Interabang Entertainment, Super Comboman is smashing and kicking his way to Steam.

Launched yesterday, Super Comboman is foregoing its regular price of £10.99 with a 20% off sale for launch week (putting it at £8.79). Check out the screens and trailer at

Hyrule Warriors New Details Highly Rule

Nintendo and Tecmo Koie’s Dynasty Warriors meets The Legend of Zelda Mash-up, Hyrule Warriors, is once again cannon blasting extra toppings of fan-service at this giant wish fulfilment pizza of a game. The flood of details includes new vids, costumes and stages.

There’s been some surprising and some not so surprising reveals so far. We correctly predicted Midna would be tearing it up but I have a tingle that some other Hyrulean stalwarts will be turning up much later to the party.

First up, Hyrule Warriors has unveiled a new set of battle ready characters; Twilight Princess’ Agitha, Skyward Sword’s Fi and original character Lana.

Dastardly tongue waggler Ghirahim and Twilight Princess’ would-be usurper Zant also appear. 

There will also be alternate costumes for Zelda and Link, depicting their Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess incarnations.

Check out the full look and trailers at

Review: One Piece: Unlimited World – Red (3DS)

Luffy and his Straw Hat pirates are back for another video game incarnation of their comic book capers in One Piece: Unlimited World – Red. The 3DS RPG (also available on the above listed systems) looks to blend town building and stage exploration with crowd mowing melee battles and epically monstrous bosses, all the while revisiting memorable moments from the multi-million volume selling manga.


Setting sail upon the New World once more, Luffy and the Crew arrive on an island after rescuing a shipwrecked Raccoon, Pato, from the waves. As the team settle-in, Luffy explores the nearby Trans Town, which for all it’s community spirit seems mostly inhabited by people who have been castaway there.

Meanwhile, the crew go missing and it’s up to Luffy to track them down, with the mysterious Pato in toe. Elsewhere, the legendary Pirate Redfield emerges onto the scene after decades in exile, prompting questions about his transformative powers as well as his connection to the island, the Straw Hat pirates and Pato.

The game’s Main Story mode divides into two main elements; Town Building and Island Exploration. Starting with the former, the inn within the game’s hub world (Trans Town) is where you’ll navigate Luffy through a town planner role.


The inn keeper Yadoya will act as your guide and charge Luffy with expanding Trans Town with a factory, general store, pharmacy, restaurant, live music venue, bookstore and garden etc. These are unlocked after completing certain episodes and then talking to certain townsfolk.

One Piece: Unlimited World – Red is overall a fun and highly rewarding adventure. There’s plenty to get wrapped up in here, for both fans of the series or otherwise. Sublimely rendered cutscenes, original Japanese voice cast and the TV episode pacing of the action stages make it feel like an interactive anime.

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